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  1. isurewould says:

    PDN doesn’t really have layer locking. The check mark simply makes it visible, and you will only make changes to the layer you are working on. The layer is highlighted blue when you are working on it. It will not affect any other layers.

  2. clairejiali says:

    how do you ‘lock’ layers?
    example: if i locked a layer on photoshop then i can paint on the layer shape but not paint everywhere, just the shape in the layer.

  3. vellstorm4705 says:

    Just tried out your Advice … & BINGO!! It worked!! Thanks a million sir!
    Im glad that I subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work!!

    *if you’d like to check out my very first image (it is of a religious/controversial nature) you may visit my facebook page: Lovell LaZare Lockhart.

    Thanks Again, God Bless! :)

  4. isurewould says:

    You need to save it differently. When you go to save it, change the “type” to .jpg. or .png. Then go through the process of adjusting the quality and flattening it. That should do the trick. Otherwise you are just keeping it as a project.

  5. vellstorm4705 says:

    Hello mr.Isurewould, i just finished working on my very first image, but the problem is, (i dont know how to explain it) its not quite “FINISHED”.
    I mean i saved it, but when i go it and find it in the selected file space, and click on it to ‘open’ it, it always opens back IN the mode complete with all the tools and side bars.
    What im trying to say is that i want a FINISHED ‘picture’ or Image, so that i can post on facebook or print out. Is there a way to PUBLISH or Finish ??

  6. isurewould says:

    The people who made this program made a nice contribution to society by providing a good, and free, program for anyone to use in editing photos. If this program confuses you, you might consider learning about how to use it. Try using GIMP, another free program, and you will see how easy PDN is in comparison.

  7. JeroenV23 says:

    The people who made this program want to get the blood pressure of a lot of people to rise, so many things that are not working the way they should, I’m switching to something more user-friendly.

  8. isurewould says:

    Find the tool called the “color picker”. Click on the color you want in one picture and it will change the color in the “Paint can” tool. Then paint the area you want to paint.

  9. Sonata Tomlinson says:

    how to drag the colour another picture to another picture in

  10. isurewould says:

    By crop, I assume you mean removing the background. Some pictures are very difficult to remove the background if the contrasts are very similar. You can tackle this two ways. Either adjust the tolerance and delete small sections at a time, each time adjusting the tolerance, or you can zoom in very close and use the eraser in the problem areas.

  11. CumminsN14DBest says:

    Well You PLEASE Help NO Else Will!!?

  12. isurewould says:

    To get your layers window back, go to the “window” menu in and choose “reset windows” at the bottom. OR you can recheck “layers”.

  13. isurewould says:

    To get your layers window back, go to the “window” menu in and choose “reset windows” at the bottom. OR you can recheck “layers”.

  14. AlexandreLMB says:

    what if i delete the layer thing? what i do? i cant get it back in my

  15. isurewould says:

    @LovelySweetcakes3 I think you need to import your pictures using the layers menu. Choose “import from file” each time you want to add a picture.

  16. isurewould says:

    @LovelySweetcakes3 I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking

  17. LovelySweetcakes3 says:

    okay if i make 2 pictures in 1 time how do i move the other 1

  18. LovelySweetcakes3 says:

    i cant copy it properly

  19. LordDugglez says:

    Could you make some more tutorials please?

  20. isurewould says:

    (-: guilty conscience? There are videos out there with “less wholesome” females…try those.

  21. Jamie Darren says:

    could you have picked a different picture? it feels like she is gazing into my soul.

  22. isurewould says:

    Try using the Edit menu. It allows you to choose how you paste the picture. Chose “Paste into new Layer”.

  23. MrRobloxHut says:

    when i try to past a picture to the layer it replaces the back ground image with the new picture i wanted to past into the layer :/
    any ideas?

  24. Mas Sergio says:

    u need the .net framewrk newer versions of windows should have it by default older dont… i think if ur on vista u gota download it… its free :)

  25. Mas Sergio says:

    i used to not like this program! when it first came out i was like eh. now it has layers and i luff it 😀

    i normally loved gimp but its load time made me just delete it this loads fast and its quick i hav photoshop trial and its so complcated screw it im sticking with this. why buy somethig u cant figgure out how to use i watched tuts but the good stuff is burried in menus i always forget how to use PS. I love! The bomb! Microsoft should buy it and include it instead of old paint. :O

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