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  1. 0556148083 says:

    Woooooooow thanks شكرا جزيلا

  2. IamPeeTeeR says:

    glad to help :-)

  3. AllGames says:

    you are the man son, you have no idea how awesome yuor tutorial is and how you just saved my ass. i love you

  4. danial willson says:

    Thanks a lot man !

  5. Luis Silva says:

    awesome tutorial would have been better in Spanish. Congratulations. Something understood, though not so perfectly understand the English! 😉

  6. A Abdulhakim says:

    Thank you very much

  7. Mohammed Shah Faisal says:

    awesome thx i did subscribe and like both

  8. IamPeeTeeR says:

    your welcome :-)

  9. Starie1997 says:

    This REALLY helped me out with creating a last minute project for school. Thank you! :)

  10. IamPeeTeeR says:

    make a simple line, left to right with the pen tool, then select the text tool and put you mouse, at the beggining of the line you made with the pen, if you see that the little text line/icon changes, click it and then you will be able to type..

  11. IamPeeTeeR says:

    i guessing you using photoshop cs and not elements… so the only thing you need to do is put the cursor/mouse at the begining or end of the line of the pen tool, and the form of the text tool will change, once you see it change click on it and then you wil be able to type on the line

  12. Javier Pantoja says:

    Tedious work, but awesome outcome, thanks Pedro 😀

  13. Troy Mickins says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. You just got yourself a new subscriber!

  14. zack cole says:

    Very nice

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