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  1. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Then you can’t follow along! Sorry! You must have Auto Blend to follow along this tutorial.

  2. ricemo16 says:

    hi sir., what if theres no Auto Blend option in Edit Section, im only using Photoshop CS, please reply. Thank You. Godbless

  3. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Thank You, Archangel1991!

  4. photoshoptrainingch says:


  5. Archangel1991 says:

    Nice video, good explaining, straight to the point!

  6. TheAwesomeHamad says:

    Thanks It worked!!! You gained a subscriber !!!

  7. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Thank you, the3pusS!

  8. Duuuude Tripuss says:

    awesome video! thumbs up

  9. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Thanks, Odair!

  10. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Unfortunately not Mj! Sorry!

  11. Mj Lacsamana says:

    there’s no auto-blend feat in CS2. any other control keys I can do to do this feature? Thanks =)

  12. Odair Pedro says:

    You have got my Like, My share, My subscribe, and most important my simpath great tutorial

  13. Debellis Chew says:

    Auto Face Swap! —- create face swap video for iphone
    See :

  14. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Stegokitty, glad you figured it out! Thanks for sharing your solution!

  15. stegokitty says:

    I think I’ve found the problem.
    I wasn’t deselecting the “marching ants” selection outline before selecting both images to Auto-Blend. This might be what’s happening with you (?).

  16. stegokitty says:

    Actually I’m getting the same problem, and I’m using CS6.
    I’m doing exactly what’s being said in the video, yet once I do the Edit/Auto-Blend Layers (and yes, Panorama, and Seamless are checked off) the outline of previous “marching ants” is deleted, leaving a jagged nothingness of grey and white squares.

  17. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Well hard to tell, but the biggest problems I see when people struggle with this tutorial is that they don’t contract the selection, and/or they don’t delete the pixels off the background layer (layer at the bottom).

    I have not tried it in CS3 but it should work.

  18. enmejhenpajo says:

    i have a problem so please reply :)

    ok, i select both layers and then click auto blend layers. but all it makes is a thick line of “nothing” around the face. it does not blend. its’s still the same picture but with thick line of nothing and by nothing i mean small grey and white sqares.

    what am i doing wrong? i did everything the same as you till this point.

    i have PS cs3 extended

    thanks :)

  19. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Ctrl click. on Windows, command on Mac.

  20. Sonali Rajput says:

    i m able to find COMMAND CLICK on wndows xp ? and after auto blended the dots appear on swapped image ?

  21. bsteklov says:

    Are your from lukischannnel?

  22. photoshoptrainingch says:

    Glad you figured it out!

    Thanks for watching!

  23. paoloscotto says:

    Hi and thanks for the reply,the problem occured while doing the proces was by my mistake,because i forgot to cut the area selected on the main layer.

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