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  1. Justthisgood says:

    No i just used that stock image

  2. Tim Urpman says:

    Post Alley! Are you from Seattle?

  3. djftvify says:

    abonnés et je rend

  4. Xtream Gaming Nation says:

    Also do the depth blur tutorial please! I want something like that

  5. Xtream Gaming Nation says:

    I have been looking for something like this! Thank you so much!

  6. OKAN ERTURK says:

    thanks friends

  7. Lyana Hazirah says:

    how can i shape the bokeh into heart shape? :)

  8. Bonieface Marcelluss says:


  9. rizia carneiro says:

    very good tutorial. thank you!

  10. XOnionsoupX says:

    great video thank you :)

  11. Justthisgood says:

    Search for “Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Depth of Field Using Gaussian Blur and Smart Filters “

  12. Natália VP says:

    Many tks, very useful.:)

  13. Harrymia Potter Way says:

    hey great tutorial as always
    can you make a tutorial on how to blur certain part of photo so we can focus on certain object, i’m not sure if you already done that but if not ,so please.
    thank you :)

  14. KingChiu says:

    Excuse me, what version are you using ;)

  15. KGLRM says:

    more tutorials !

  16. G3ner0 says:

    In depth tutorial again, really in-depth, easy to understand and helpful. Thanks fam, good work on doing these quality tuts.

  17. Justthisgood says:

    link in the description! Thanks

  18. Smoobie Doobie says:

    Link to the original picture please,great tutorial.

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