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  1. BetterDanAverageClan says:


  2. erockskop says:

    Not necessarily, it’s just a bit more involved to do it with complex background. The trick is to make it like you’re seeing through the person

  3. erockskop says:

    Learning the hotkeys really helped me out a lot, so i tried to help viewer learn them too. Sorry for being unclear there. To inverse the mask is ctrl+i (command+i on mac). Or to switch background and forground colors is simply x Calvin said.

  4. erockskop says:

    Yeah, go ahead. Thanks

  5. Mr66freak says:

    not on my end :)

  6. rocky taseseb says:



  7. JonnTrickshots says:

    Instead Of Waiting Days For Him To Respond Why Dont You Just Go On Google Images?

  8. BetterDanAverageClan says:

    Could I use your Image but, credit you in the description?

  9. Samaneh Zand says:

    شما تونستین انجامش بدین؟

  10. Sirbs Buck says:

    Is this Cs4?

  11. m barsha says:

    thank you very much

  12. RenesmeButterfly88 says:

    Hi, for some reason I cant get the last bit to work :/ nothing shows when i put the brush on the last layer? been through video 4 times and still cant work out what im doing rong?! please help

  13. mboyo Tony says:

    Thank you for that

  14. ajas pm says:

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  15. Yo Uniqca says:

    Thank you Thank you, i have watched many videos but among them, your instructions are the clearest. I know how to make it now. i really appreciate your sharing

  16. Calvin Ombogo says:

    click on the mask to make sure you have the mask selected on the layers panel

  17. Calvin Ombogo says:

    haha, it is a tutorial. it should teach. haven’t watched it yet, but i think the trick is changing between the foreground and background colour. use the x button to toggle between the two. i could be wring though…

  18. Photoshop Speed Art says:

    Great JOOOOOOOB….

  19. GagnonTutorials says:

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  20. Recode Music says:

    Why use quick keys in these tutorial videos ? For example at 4:17 how to change white to black on the mask and what for this?

  21. Benski Fbaby says:

    Because you are not doing it right.

  22. Chill3OO1 says:

    how come when i try to use the brush it just paints in black and doesn’t reveal the next layer?

  23. Ziyaad Samodien says:

    And on gimp ?…fuck

  24. Aakruti Dedhia says:

    Very helpful.. Thank you so much :)

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