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  1. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Ismael Navarra…Intro animation: After Effects / Photoshop CS6 Extended / Screencast: Techsmith Camtasia Studio

  2. Ismael Navarra says:

    What software this tutorial is using? pls.

  3. Azrail DoomsDay says:

    great tutorial,ty.

  4. Mari selvam adhi says:

    Thank you so much…

  5. Εικοσιενα Τεσσερα says:

    best tutorial

  6. Marco Gavioli says:

    Maybe there ‘a passage that I did not understand or can not understand

  7. Marco Gavioli says:

    I wanted to say that even following the steps I can not for example when you save the file in PSD to me it does not delete me

  8. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Marco Gavioli… Sorry, I still don’t understand your initial question, nor your reply. “…Creative cloud does not respond the same as certain passages”?

  9. Marco Gavioli says:

    ok I activated the translation but I still understand little about the blending modes in the sense that my creative cloud does not respond the same as certain passages

  10. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Marco Gavioli…Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Le mie più recenti esercitazioni hanno le didascalie corrette per traduzione! Se il tutorial ha un icona “CC” accanto ad esso, significa che è stato correttamente trascritto in inglese, e, quindi, può essere tradotto in qualsiasi lingua. Basta cliccare sull’icona “CC” in basso il video e poi cliccare su “italiano” per la sua traduzione! Si prega di dire alle persone che sono interessati a Photoshop, per iscriversi al Blu fulmini TV!

  11. Marco Gavioli says:

    I can not I can make one in Italian??

  12. napacan haci says:


  13. rhrp25 says:


  14. Jerry Bobsyouruncle says:

    Great tutorial!

  15. eurossocial says:

    I love your Tutorials!! They are super amazing!
    Do you have any Tutorial on how to put heads of stone, on a Mountain? Just like the “Rushmore Mountain?” Thank you

  16. Kevin Deemster says:

    Wonderful ! I’m going to have lots of fun using this technique on my friends.
    Thank you

  17. Tuco B says:

    Thanks for taking the time. :)

  18. dataone750 says:

    I am Just Learning from u need more tuts on these kind of effects

  19. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Abimanyu Nuprasetyo…American.

  20. Abimanyu Nurprasetyo says:

    Are You British

  21. Abimanyu Nurprasetyo says:

    I just want to say

    Is So good

  22. Blue Lightning TV says:

    phil knight…I’m no “genius”, but thanks anyway. Anyone with the aptitude and desire to learn Photoshop can figure out stuff. As a professional graphic artist, I needed to be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, since those are the programs I used daily. Essentially, I’m self-taught. Learned through online classes & books.

  23. phill knight says:

    You sir are a genius, are you trained in photoshop or self taught??????

  24. Ralph-Jordie Veldman says:

    Awesome! Worked like a charm! You sir, deserve a sub and like!

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