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  1. Blue Lightning TV says:

    n0lsk1…I’ve found that slightly blurring the displacement map works the best. In this particular instance, the Olympic rings look better blurred on the towel’s terrycloth texture.

  2. n0lsk1 says:

    Hi Marty,
    Is it generally necessary to blur both the displacement file AND the image you’re displacing? Or was it that just in this case blurring the olympic image made it look better on the towel. I’m trying to wrap my head around how the displacement function ultimately works so I can apply it elsewhere.
    Cheers 😀
    P.S. Thank you for your continued efforts and excellence with these tutorials!

  3. AZAD HUSSEN says:

    Creator and wish you all the new

  4. gustyargent says:

    muy profesional !!! espectacular !!

  5. mohamed jaya jaya says:

    dear sir very great ful lesson this . thank you again

  6. Kobe Maratas says:

    Hey , can i ask something?

  7. wanzenburg says:

    Thanks for the fantastic video.

  8. Limosientje Moors says:

    Thank you very much Marty for the fantastic video tutorials.

  9. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Mario Duarte…Techsmith Camtasia Studio

  10. Mario Duarte says:

    Hi, you are a very good teacher, easy to understand, thanks for sharing this.. I want to know what software do you use for screen recording and for remark areas on the video, may be you have a video teaching how to record this way? thanks for answers…!

  11. abojoseph says:

    The Bestalways

  12. Blue Lightning TV says:

    uhanepono…Looks great!!

  13. uhanepono says:

    Hey Marty and thanks for anohter great tut! Here’s what I came up with

  14. Mohammod Nowshad says:

    you r a wonderful designer.. I like your design …. bt presentation is mostly.. bcause it gives clear idea… i have created 2 pics by seeing your video, although i m a new photoshop user…

  15. moksha says:

    Please explain to us in the studied how to transform the image to Cartoon with pen tool

  16. Halidi Sharifuddin says:

    whwn i press ctrl + shift + alt + e , it go to eraser tool…

  17. cesar lazcano says:

    sorry the name of effect is digital circlism-Ben Heine

  18. cesar lazcano says:

    marty hello, my name is cesar and I’m from mexico, i keep your channel and I love your work thanks for sharing, I wonder if you could make a tutorial of the effect dot portrait of Ben Heine, thanks

  19. Blue Lightning TV says:

    lucasqfrota…I speak only English, however, when I receive a question or comment in another language, I use Google translation to correspond. FYI: My most recent tutorials have correct captions for language translation! If the tutorial has a “CC” icon next to it, it means it’s been correctly transcribed into English. Simply click on the “captions” icon at the bottom of the video and then click your language for its translation!

  20. Manish Kumar says:

    Hello there ! How to proceed with a body part image as displacement image? When I follow the above shown procedure it doesn’t look much realistic. ( though this works great in towel case ) . Please provide an alternate solution to put images on body parts like tattoos. I’ll be very thankful. Thanks :)

  21. lucasqfrota says:

    Hey,great video…i’ve tested here and worked like you said and perfectly…but i have a question,its a curiosity,actually…What languages do you speak?

    Greetings from Brazil

  22. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Manish Kumar…There are numerous tools to make a selection besides the magic wand tool. To name a few, there’s the marquee tools, brush & pencil tools (in the quick mask mode), pen tool, lasso tools & the quick selection tool.

  23. Manish Kumar says:

    awesome video! Sir, In some images ( some photographs ) pictures are very difficult to cut in the way you showed ( by using magic wand ) . Picture doesn’t get selected properly. How to repeat the above procedure if we want to draw a photograph ? how to select a photograph completely?

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