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  1. mesut ozdinc says:

    super job

  2. Hamood Ali AL IRAQI says:

    you are the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttt great job

  3. commachio123 says:

    I had the same problem mate until I switched off the other face layer, I think it was below it and then I got the option . Hope this helps.

  4. genez8888 says:


  5. Zhao Yun says:

    that great!!!

  6. LoneEdge says:

    Really nice tutorial, check out some of my speed art I have created on my channel you won’t be disappointing.

  7. Blue Lightning TV says:

    dutchbacongamers…Screencast software: Techsmith Camtasia Studio

  8. dutchbacongamers says:

    how did u do the red arrows/circles/boxes?

  9. eurossocial says:

    Can you create a Tutorial on how to turns heads into stone, engraved on a Mountain? Just like the “Rushmore Mountain” with the presidents?

    Thank you.

  10. Rene Tapia says:

    wow, that is the best and quickest explanation I’ve ever seen, keep it up Martin….=)

  11. Mari selvam adhi says:

    Very good explanation…thanks for sharing.

  12. Kenneth Avila says:

    when i clicked color overlay i dont see the color box, why? pls help

  13. Debbie Mooney says:

    Hello BlueLightingTV.
    Many thanks for this tutorial.
    I’m using my own photos following your instructions. At time 3m36s I get a slightly different result however. I double click on the Layer 2 Copy to open its Layer Styles window. I select “Colour Overlay” but having done this I do not get the RED colour box appearing. I have no means of opening the Colour Picker screen.
    I’m running CS6 Extended in Windows 7-64 bit. I’ve tried bit 64 and 32 bit versions of CS6 — both the same result.

  14. Allan France says:

    Brilliant as usual I’m only using cs3 the only problem I have is right at the end when I open curves I can’t see what to click to attach it 4.10 click to clip to 1 layer beneath it.
    I’m only a Novice so I know it will be something simple staring me in the face lol Any help is appreciated Thanks again.

  15. חי ישו says:

    lol, thanks! was fun doing it!

  16. Blue Lightning TV says:

    foxtrotaus…Not sure how far back displacement maps go in PS versions.

  17. foxtrotaus says:

    A great explanation – thank you. Do these techniques work in earlier versions of Photoshop?

  18. Glenn Dykes says:

    as always, great job Marty…I always seem to learn something with your tutorials as it seems you continually show different aspects of Photoshop’s capabilities making the whole Photoshop experience much more enjoyable…just 2 quick suggestions..1- most of us will not be able to purchase cs6 so I hope all your new tuts are not beyond cs5’s capabilities and 2- if you have time or interest, to please do a tutorial on putting a face (of choice) on an Easter Island figure…Thanks

  19. Blue Lightning TV says:

    MrSearchers…sorry, I’ve only done video tutorials.

  20. MrSearchers says:

    hi do you anything in the way of written tutorials thanks

  21. Roberto Braicovick says:

    Sempre belli!

  22. Blue Lightning TV says:

    ผมมีบทเรียนไม่กี่ผมไม่เกี่ยวกับ 3D ไปที่ช่อง YouTube ของฉันและใน “ช่องค้นหา” ยื่นพิมพ์ใน “3D”

  23. สายสิทธิ์ ขวัญแก้ว says:

    มีแบบแต่งภาพ 3มิติ ไหมครับ อยากเรียนครับ

  24. K41Z3R101 says:

    Ty. This really helped to do my own camouflage for my photoshop assignment. Ty again.

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