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  1. smarth sharma says:

    now this is wierd at the step of copying a layer mask by pressng command plus v photoshop simply copies someother combined layer and creates a selection instead of the merged layer 2 help wanted

  2. bittersweet rach says:

    amazing! I’m taking a photoshop class and I’m so glad I came across your channel

  3. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    It works with colored and black n’ white pictures. :)

  4. Jenny Belaro says:

    So Do you recommend a black and white picture for that effects?

  5. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Thank you! :)

  6. lecterzzzzz says:

    perfect tutorial subbed

  7. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Beatzunami – Daydreaming

  8. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    The font I used is called Rondalo – Regular

  9. Francine Almeida says:


  10. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Thanks a lot man! You definitely should :)

  11. TriggerDesignsHD says:

    Awesome man! Really fresh and creative. I might do a speed art of something like this, I really like it

  12. fatal clan says:


  13. FIFAWC10 says:

    cool effect

  14. anna janik says:

    Pm’d you for details.

  15. Andrew Meen says:

    I am interested in embedding my videos man, not on this channel though

  16. fabio cunha dias says:

    super good, one of the best typography videos i have seen.

  17. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Hello subscribers. I will soon be setting up FREE youtube video promotions. I will be embedding YouTube videos to my website. Where visitors have the option of viewing them. If anyone is interested, message me and I can give you more details.

  18. ali101kingoftheworld says:

    my final results look pretty good I only struggled a little bit at 4:18 CTRL V to past

  19. BestChallenge1 says:

    please answer, what software are you using to record your screen..

  20. Breakableun says:

    what version of Photoshop do you have, maybe a download link if you can?

  21. SSStrongBOY says:

    Love it thank you

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