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  1. Otaku Girl says:

    Thanks ^_^

  2. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Honestly not very much, when CS3 was fairly new. I spent a lot of time learning Photoshop then. So when the newer Photoshops came out, I learned pretty quickly. :)

  3. Anthony Gillian says:

    great video, i just downloaded the trial version of PS CC so far im loving i t

  4. mrdotgamingofficial says:

    How often, do you use photo shop?

  5. lecterzzzzz says:

    thanks !

  6. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    CTRL + R or View at the top then select Ruler :)

  7. Otaku Girl says:

    How do you enable the ruler thingy on the top and left? 

  8. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Sure, I uploaded the before and after images to mediafire. Download link is in the description

  9. lecterzzzzz says:

    can you give the pictures you are working on ? l

  10. CodingPanda says:

    Thank You!

  11. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Yeah for sure, I mainly use sxudothu to find images. They are all free which is good. Sometimes Google when I can’t find a certain images and stockfreeimagesdotcom. <– I think some pictures do cost money there. I use audiomicro to find background music.

  12. CodingPanda says:

    Can you share some of your favorite sites??? I’m having trouble looking when i don’t know exactly what i want

  13. Marcin Machulik says:

    More !

  14. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Thank you very much man! :)

  15. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Thank you! :)

  16. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    The brush pack I used for this is called “25 Hi Res Smoke Brushes” I normally just stick to the stock brushes though :)

  17. vlademier laguisma says:

    awesome tutorials, the best i have watched!!!! thanks

  18. June-Marie Liddy says:

    awesome video my friend

  19. Lowry Tomkins says:

    What brush packs do you have?

  20. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    I normally use free stock image sites. For this image I found it on google though. I searched “Red Dress”

  21. CodingPanda says:

    Where do you get the pictures of girls? I cant seem to find any good pics. ^-^

  22. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    Make sure you have the layer mask selected by clicking on it and also make sure white is selected as your foreground, Hope this helps.

  23. Nicole Marie says:

    when i get to the part at 4:27 , the white on my color mask does nothing! I’ve tried this multiple times and it never works! please help!

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