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  1. Maury Mountain says:

    This is amazing! For artists in the Games Industry, it would also be very useful within photoshop CC to be able to turn off Gamma Correction on layer groups. I used to use the RGB channel filtering to create “channel packed’ mask textures, until I realized that it would gamma correct the contents of that layer group, causing the values in the mask to appear incorrect.

    Excited to try this feature!

  2. Furkan Tunalı says:

    This is basicly Slicy App.

  3. Ahmed AlAwad says:

    Thank you

  4. Tom Crotty says:

    “Stealing” they made it open source, for a different piece of software. I don’t see Fireworks with many high-end image editing capabilities, the fact that it can automatically export any asset (and I far prefer using Photoshop over Fireworks) is fantastic.

  5. bzelll says:

    So this isn’t available for Illustrator?? *sigh*

  6. Tadd Mencer says:

    Fireworks I my tool of choice for web design, but since Adobe closed that chapter they’re trying to pull what people liked about Fireworks into other tools such as the Edge toolset and Photoshop. It’s not as … fun … to me. I still use Fireworks and will until it’s no longer a workable tool.

  7. WaveF orever says:

    Thanks Adobe stealing things from Fireworks extension again (search johndunning’s GenerateWebAssets). Photoshop is a print design tool that never fit to web design, Ps edit mode is much worse than Fireworks(for web layout). New features can make Ps a little better for web, infact, these new features should be add to Fireworks.

  8. Luca Pisanu says:

    i like it!

  9. effarro says:


  10. Eduardo Hernandez says:

    Wow, that’s a great feature! And the best of all: it’s open source!

  11. snaphappy7530 says:

    I wish Adobe would treat their customers properly and add some sort of non-subscription model for their products instead of being greedy.

  12. Starius2 says:

    How do I activate It?

  13. Sid Singh says:

    oooooooo myyyyyyyyyyy goshhhhhhhhhhhhh
    adobe photoshop cc is best

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