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  1. The ROBLOX Amaze says:

    If the woman in the picture found the retouched picture…
    …She’d use it as her Facebook profile.

  2. Gustav Gawron says:

    That’s what I like very much. It’s fantastic what they do such a simple program

  3. barty2432 says:

    very good.

  4. TheDjproducts says:

    how do you get the photo in it

  5. Venise Louis says:

    I did not know all of that could be done on wow

  6. Jp Storm says:

    Great tutorial

  7. nadielramones says:

    i really want to learn how to edit pictures!

  8. RSyemi14 says:

    damn your good

  9. Jane9778 says:

    What was the last retouch tool you used?

  10. pipp92 says:

    hold down ctrl while making the second selection 😀

  11. Gordon Easton says:

    hold the control key in when selecting and you can select multiple areas

  12. PDNwarriors says:

    Hey guys whats up,
    Just wanted to say that theres a new forum to talk about Paintdotnet and share some of your pictures you’ve made.
    If you would like to join please go to pdnwarriors(dot)47(dot)forumer(dot)com
    Or Pdnwarriors(dot)tk
    Thanks and btw, nice tutorial its very helpful.

  13. mangafreak90210 says:

    you are an editing master ! ive searched all of youtube trying to find someone to ask this to…… how do i make 2 selections w/ the lasso tool ?

  14. Illy Junus says:

    good job….i’m going to try this..because even i love photoshop..very expensive..thanks for the tutorial

  15. 101KendraA says:

    good job!!!!!!!!

  16. krystal3e says:

    i am going to try this and it so cool

  17. cotterman2 says:

    Can some people please watch my paint . net videos and tell me what you think rate, comment and subscribe if you want

  18. GirlieGirlBabe says:

    this is good :)
    by the way, you know the buldge tool, if used in a different way, can you make someone thinner or fatter ? (soory to be blunt but you know hehe)

  19. chocaholic666 says:

    awesome stuff!! this is really gud, thanks for uploading 😀

  20. dpypdn says:

    Thank you !

  21. Ron Stiles says:

    I have watched all of your tutorials, your work is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work.

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