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  1. Gavin Fiandaca says:

    Hello, i am using ms paint.
    Here is the problem i am having a hard time and trying to fix this so i can save time.
    I see a yellow part of my picture and i want to edit it and make it green.
    So i go to the Bucket (paint fill) and click right in the middle, but now there are apparently different colored parts that are patched all over the place, and i have to tediously go and fill them in whiteout painting over the edges.

    Any tips on a better way to fix it?
    Or a different program i can use?

  2. christinehuynh57 says:

    oh thx so so so much!! :)

  3. yakobelt says:

    Click the ‘Window’ tab at the top and click the ‘Colour’ option =)

  4. christinehuynh57 says:

    um i accidentally Xed out my color tablet can u do a turtorial on how to get it back or just tell me? plz i can color anything now!

  5. nsharrell says:

    How did you blur the lines around the man??? I need to learn how to do this, my edges look horrible!!!*smile* Thanks!!!

  6. SoMiracleCOD says:

    Amazing tutorial, thanks!

  7. Anuil0 says:

    YAKOBELT . That was funny

  8. yakobelt says:

    Go to the ‘Window’ tab on your toolbar and click ‘Tools’, ‘Colours’ etc. You should get it back =)

  9. Crashbandicoot701 says:

    the colors, tools, and layers tabs… I closed them and now I dont know how to open it on the side again.How do I get them back on my screen?

  10. yakobelt says:

    Go to the ‘Window’ tab on your toolbar and click ‘Tools’, you should get it back =)

  11. NewJerseyInferno says:

    I accidently x out my tools HELP!

  12. Larry Hart says:

    Helpful. Thanks a ton.

  13. yakobelt says:

    You’re welcome =)

  14. yakobelt says:

    Thanks for the advice =) I’ll try it next tutorial hopefully =)

  15. M97aful says:

    If you could get some colour on the regular one it would be alot better :)

  16. yakobelt says:

    Sorry if you didn’t like it, it was just an experimental format, thought it might be a bit mundane to stare at the same type of screen for too long =)

  17. M97aful says:

    Whats the point of constantly switching from fraps to a regular camera…?

  18. yakobelt says:

    Hello guys! Sorry about the absence of video lately! I am having slight trouble with my internet and haven’t been able to upload! Videos will be returning very soon! =)

  19. Ali Gunfire says:


  20. jae noon says:

    this is bullshit you just babbled on too fast you cant even see what you’re clicking on

  21. Фрагмин Шоу says:


  22. Dark Light says:

    nothing is useless. you will find plenty of things for them tools. so dont totally disregard them.

  23. GorillaPenceGaming says:

    Thanks matw

  24. Jasmine Nowakowska says:

    Your voice is really quiet and the effect is funny. Its sounds like your speaking from far away.

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