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  1. Caleb Greville says:

    how do u “guassion glur”????

  2. laura luoma says:

    and its remix

  3. gubytgamer shake says:

    Dubstep for DotExe

  4. EveryThingGaming says:

    Are you using a computer with a stylus or a mouse… If your using a mouse your very talented!!

  5. sue horton says:

    This wouldl be a good video but for those of us new to, you click on everything so quickly I could not get most of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TheScottishHuntsman says:

    how do you do the magic wand thing? it didnt work for me, am i just retarded or is there something wrong?

  7. ImmaMajinVegeta1 says:

    It didn’t work for me._.

  8. MrSymon2001 says:

    Stupid English!!! Better it were in Russian!!!

  9. Wiintendoh says:

    There is no excuse for having a video teaching you how to simply color scanned images to be 12:00 minutes. Learn better video-making skills. Otherwise, the tutorial was decently helpful.

  10. Charles Chua says:

    Line Art ^-^

  11. GoPastYourLimit says:

    everytime i try to do this it messes up.

  12. Sir Trollesta says:

    This is actually a very good tutorial, it’s just that the description could’ve included spaces between each step. Great tut. though!

  13. Luka Megurine says:

    you missed eighteenth o_o

  14. amaddie says:

    monster, by meg & dia

  15. NicoleTheCat0 says:

    Whats the name of the first song?

  16. Michael Marquardt says:

    Twelventh? What?

  17. 333badcat says:

    is there a website were i can make art with no downloads or singing in?

  18. amaddie says:

    Monster by meg and dia

  19. amaddie says:

    that’s why I put them in the description

  20. kataanika says:

    so fast i couldnt read the steps

  21. terrachikachu says:

    um i did what you did until i got to the copy and into another layer thing i did that and uh it looked like in was trying to make it 3-d as in the duplicate got on top of the orginal it’s confusing!

  22. TheEmoFoxxx says:

    I can’t get the color -.-‘

  23. SoulCaliburGurl100 says:

    Monster remix by meg and dia ^^

  24. Matzenmatthi1 says:

    Musik name?

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