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  1. alex binette says:

    humm what is you in my paint i dont have infected

  2. laura luoma says:

    what is this

  3. Bajan American's Hangout says:


  4. kaunas163 says:

    you need to download the font :)

  5. kaunas163 says:

    can’t find what? ;D

  6. kaunas163 says:


  7. Bajan American's Hangout says:

    Nice intro

  8. Alan Cross says:

    I love how you speak english.

  9. Camden Gentry says:

    Its not in the fonts

  10. Roblox Arnett says:

    Can’t find it D:

  11. thechriztmaznoob says:

    It’s a featured video… and it’s only on your videos 😛

  12. kaunas163 says:

    emm, related videos are based on similar videos you have already watched, so it can be like anything about priests or something ;/

  13. thechriztmaznoob says:

    In the list of related videos, there are 2 priests kissing…

  14. kaunas163 says:

    You’re welcome! :)

  15. Wanloes says:

    Thanks, bro!

  16. kaunas163 says:

    lietuvė 😀

  17. Edgaras Zurauskas says:

    Lietuvis ? 😀

  18. kaunas163 says:

    no, just download it from website which is provided in description

  19. Jack Gray says:

    Do u have to buy the infected font

  20. kaunas163 says:

    you’re welcome ;D

  21. TheBlazetimes says:


  22. kaunas163 says:

    sorry, I didn’t wanted to be scary 😀

  23. Tarzan Jungle says:

    Lol you talk like Dexter! (Dexter’s labratory)

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