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  1. YannickHofmannVideos says:


  2. TigrrrTamer says:

    I am astounded by your ps skills! you built this from scratch. you make it look like it’s all so easy for you.
    (and if it is easy, perhaps you could make the people to scale – given their proximity to the plane they are about 4x too big (or the plane is too small) – same goes for the car right in front of the plane – the depth of field scale is off by a lot – if you could fix this, it would look very realistic)
    good work though! it is quite impressive how you constructed all of this.

  3. Facebook3682 says:

    Funny how his spelling deteriorated quickly.

  4. ipodtouchacker says:

    uh oh. now hes going to go ask his mommy what a sperm is

  5. Frank John says:

    amazing work if you guys want to show your works visit this facebook page and lets make a big community
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  6. Allen Finnard says:

    Extreme talent here!!! Just goes to show you cant believe anything you see on the internet!!!

  7. Damian Zieliński says:

    pleas check this and like
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  8. Masa Matti says:

    he can do awesome plane crash and i even cant drag the plane in another picture :

  9. Photoshop Speed Art says:


  10. Axel Boyer says:

    Vous donnez des cours ^^

  11. Tony Phen says:

    confused… video high speed. (-_-)

  12. Facebook3682 says:

    According to YouTube, that was a month ago. No one gives a fuck anymore.

  13. MrDRLM says:

    haha #troll

  14. MrDRLM says:

    you guys were just trolled the whole time…

  15. LoneEdge says:

    I use Photoshop to create speed arts and other designs on my channel it would be great if you could check it out.

  16. LucSauve says:

    i also make speed art videos on phototshop and upload often please watch them!

  17. MonkeysCantSkype says:

    Somebody stole your art and put it in their thumbnail, If you search “USA Car Crash Compilation 2013 ( United States and Canada )” and look at the first thumbnail, its a piece you did called ‘Luftbanza Airlines ( #Photoshop )’

  18. daniel ocsai says:

    oke ist was super epic but can you make a detailed tutorial how to make some thing like this ?

  19. Юрий Войтюк says:

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  20. Richard Alvord says:

    like to see this done in blender

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