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  1. Chandrashekhar Giripunje says:

    Thanks for the awesome video!!!

  2. Noora Aldossary says:

    Thanks I really enjoy it and learned a lot , like it + subscribed (Y)

  3. Jack Stepanyan says:

    ALT+ right click on PC

  4. fedalxis says:

    vivesa does the same as “shadows and highlights”?

  5. giotrgios panthelis says:

    Please comment and give some tips to? my pics

  6. andy sheader says:

    One of the very best tutorials I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot! Cheers.

  7. Sam Cirillo says:

    Thank you

  8. Joel Sureda says:

    Joe, Thank you so much. You’re my best teacher! Hugs!

  9. nicklas holmqvist says:

    Looked at this video this morning and thank u alot, have learned alot from this video. Gonna look at some of ur other video later some time 😀

  10. Michael B. says:

    Very interesting tutorial. Thank you for these great tips. Michael (Germany)

  11. Colin Harban says:

    Thanks for these great tutorials!
    A little short cut in photoshop for showing before and after is to hold down Alt or Option whilst clicking on the bottom background layer

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