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  1. FuntotheMax says:

    Amazing thank you

  2. Josefine Andersson says:

    I mean the toolbox xD

  3. Josefine Andersson says:

    I cant find the pencils, where can I find them? Please answer ASAP

  4. Destructioniskey says:

    I put a link to the song at the very bottom of my video description :).

  5. Robert Trujillo says:


  6. Destructioniskey says:

    i actually used multiple songs in the video. if you let me know which one you like i could probably find out the name of the track. I’ve been using royalty free music.

  7. Robert Trujillo says:

    what song did you use? the double bass is really good:D

  8. Destructioniskey says:

    It is good for free software :P, it is also open source, so you can download plug-ins to make it better.

  9. Perhaps It's Time to Die? Probably says:

    I thought that this program is better, but its not even close to photoshop or paint tool SAI.

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