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  1. jovebjorn says:

    were is the link?

  2. Layfon DBO says:

    i make thumbnails

  3. TheCapitalGamingHD says:

  4. Tom Sutherland says:

    My paint.NET doesnt have the drop shadow?

  5. Sirolu Productions says:


    Replace [dot] with an ‘.’

  6. blackfl1m3 says:

    Try caps locking the net in paint.NET

  7. gaminace says:

    how do i get this to this website? every time i type in it takes me to a weird website

  8. smileyfacestudios45 says:

    How..? 4:40

  9. smileyfacestudios45 says:

    Get the magalo pack, its very useful.

  10. Russ Balbirona says:

    What was the second program you used?

  11. Benjamin Hall says:

    Where is the link?

  12. WeemichPlays says:

    copy past lol

  13. funnyroro123 says:

    He is so nervous

  14. Spiderfang555Studios says:

    Paint.NET Megalo Pack.

  15. LeCuz1 says:

    1: you got more efexts then me, how?
    2: grate video.
    3: how big should a icon be? (MAX!)

  16. SoSickMinded says:

    Good tutorial, but i wish you had captions, I had a rough time understanding you.

  17. Naman Rnd says:

    nic vid man!

  18. PSYk1ll4h says:

    dry out you mouth or somthing.

  19. RisingCreaTz says:

    Sounds like your spitting when you talk which is very uncomfortable but the video is great

  20. Craftily Woah says:

    Thanks man ! Im doing some tests . Thanks to the toturial
    – Beginner

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