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  1. AimPovn says:

    om x999999999999999999

  2. xilovekyra says:

    o m g I LOVE YOU I search for so long and finally I found it! THANKYOU

  3. captaindrywal123 says:

    nothing works not the eraser or any other thing.

  4. ouran909 says:

    You are a godsend. Thank you so much!

  5. Borisyoch says:

    You can’t unless you install required plugin. There is addition from Paint.NET forum user that allows you to install more than that.

  6. skywalkerjm7777 says:

    As far as i know you cant drop shadows with this program.

  7. Borisyoch says:

    360p here we go… Thanks for tutorial! Do you have tutorial on dropping shadow?

  8. skywalkerjm7777 says:


  9. jediscum555 says:

    ” Grab any corner ” with a dildo on a stick.

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