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  1. FaroeseFX says:

    *Apply cold water to burnt area*

  2. Daniel Forgotten says:

    This is cool

  3. Scarlett Savage says:

    can you make a tutorial How do make you make stuff like for an example if I want to make a picture of harry potter holding a snake instead of a wand?

  4. Jackolantern671 says:


  5. Orson Habgood Brown says:


  6. ComplexFxD says:

    you told him

  7. Maid Rondić says:

    to me too

  8. erdosricsi says:

    i can’t resize the image :(

  9. cclane1010 says:

    He uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 I believe.

  10. themainstreamstereo says:

    LOL internet explorer…

  11. SyberIcon says:

    This isn’t too bad , I learned little tips but thanks
    – Icon

  12. Naif Alq says:

    thats not a roaring tiger its a yawning tiger :-p

  13. Irfan Abutalib says:

    @Mod : Please make a tutorial for
    1) a collage making.
    2) converting a normal face to a face that looks in a high graphics game.

    I’m subscribing. Hope to see the result soon :)

  14. mae0o0 says:

    can’t have 2 pic in the same time :( how?

  15. Wus1up says:

    I- I think I feel cool now that I can do this… Maybe. o_O

  16. tomo933 says:

    why this doesnt work in my fucking stupid photoshop ? when i add one image to another it makes two photoshop projects? do i have so stupid photoshop or its just some fucking setting i did not do?

  17. CharlyIs0nlineZ says:

    good video but the music is kind of annoying after a while :)

  18. Singleattackfucker says:


  19. Gloria Larravide says:

    you are terrific as a teacher :) thanks for the help, it saved me on an assignment 😉

  20. DailyBombs says:

    it says could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable?

  21. Tabitha Darling says:

    i have a question which foto shop do you use?

  22. namjo parash says:

    gud work brah!

  23. codlele1999 says:

    can u make a tutorial of high level of combining please?

  24. Menardz Morado says:

    ctrl+z or ctrl+alt+z

  25. Rowen HD says:


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