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  1. ColBloggins says:

    Excellent tutorial, thank you!

  2. jean buhl says:

    English is not my language, but I understood everything ! Great tutorial!

  3. D DivineOne says:

    @ tutor f4u why is the text in gimp in your video blurred?

  4. dee blocker says:

    TY wonderful

  5. Chris Bellingham says:


  6. RajunCajunCook says:

    I FINALLY did it!!!!

  7. XD5Gaming says:

    thanks, look at my display picture, i used it for that haha

  8. Marc DiPinto says:

    Thank you , this was great!

  9. TheUNLEASHGamers says:

    soney vegas G?

  10. TheUNLEASHGamers says:

    u need a pvr

  11. parkeyboygaming says:

    Ty so much!

  12. Siragxl says:

    now this is some nice shit !

  13. Andrey Lyamin says:


  14. Andrey Lyamin says:


  15. Andrey Lyamin says:


  16. lilly goodman says:

    this was awesome thank you for this help

  17. Melissa Mogan says:

    Thank-you! Suscribed and I now bow to you!

  18. itsv1p3r says:

    U r soooooo helpful :)

  19. rlocatellidigital says:

    Very interesting!! We can make 3d images without use 3d softwares.

  20. nikolis sfyrakis says:

    Incredible TUROR!!!!

  21. Tormy Van Cool says:

    Excellent tutorial

  22. CrashingThunder says:

    Such a clear and concise tutorial!

  23. Pb clan says:

    how u zoom out

  24. Dcarmel Jerk says:


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