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  1. AwesomeEpicness3000 says:

    What accent is this?

  2. eskatee says:

    Nee, Double Dutch

  3. Julia Von D. says:

    Dubble click maybe?

  4. dylankyle Carranza says:

    i cant find my tooloptions pls help me.

  5. tanjali omar tanjali says:


  6. LiveWireDesignsSTW says:

    you have to export it.

  7. ThexXxMaster1000 says:

    I cant save it as a .png please help :(

  8. proregeRotzak says:

    altijd dat verdomde accent

  9. dyablou7k says:

    Great! Thank you!!

  10. Sweetie Belle says:

    This was helpful, learnt something good that I’ll remember, thanks!

  11. Kofi Nyarko says:

    luv you girl, well done

  12. Jack Norman says:

    Excellent – really useful. And ignore the numpties looking for something to be mean about.

  13. iTzZcRaZeR says:

    u said the word “and” like 100 or something

  14. feenix00 says:

    Very clear and informative video! Thank you very much!

  15. S321431 says:

    thanks you very much

  16. byVeerTz says:

    AAANNNNNDDDDDDDD .. Threw out whole video

  17. JakePreyt says:

    Oh shut up.

  18. Robert Tomlinson says:

    Excellent, voice great, probably Americans complaining…

  19. Seamachgun says:

    Lol, that’s what I was thinking too.

  20. josh engeln says:

    cant concentrate with the ands-__-

  21. faritop says:

    Best GIMP beginner tutorial on youtube. Thanks for helping me out!

    Oh, and I like the sound of your voice. :)

  22. William Burchnell says:

    Thanks but your voice was very annoying.

  23. Elsa Nguyen says:

    I can’t move around the text…

  24. LazyClown48 says:

    Can it be used on chromebook, because I know you can’t do it with photoshop.

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