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  1. Gangzta420 says:

    Dude you really helped me alot!! thanks i just SUBBED!!!!!!!!

  2. Alora Laur says:

    Thank you so much! I’m a new GIMP user so this was very straight forward and easy to get.

  3. 45ish says:

    i liked it in blck too, but for the ske of following the tutoril on through, i did the finished imge in white. but i gree tht the blck looked better on my screen. :)

  4. 45ish says:

    i didnt hve the splt brushe either. so i used the vine brush…. :/ /photo.php? fbid=10201284363124161

  5. 45ish says:

    i dont know wht i did wrong on the link, you tube is messed up. photo.php? fbid=10201284363124161

  6. 45ish says:

    I didnt hve the splsh brush, so i used the vine brush. it did not turn out s gooe s yours. this ws my first ttemp with gimp. thnks for the tutoril. sorry my @ is broken on my keybo@rd.

  7. Chuck Norris says:

    8:22 Looks better than the end result xD

  8. เสฏฐวุฒิ ศิลาจันทร์ says:

    Thank you so much.

  9. Eibmozluver says:

    What version of GIMP do you have? I don’t have a splats 02 brush :(

  10. Eibmozluver says:

    By far one of the best tutorial’s for GIMP that I have ever seen!

  11. sonadowfangirl30869 says:

    Oh, okay. Thank you.

  12. C.C DMK says:

    Mastery! Great work, I’m watching you!

  13. Lilie Bishop says:

    If you dont already have it you need to update gimp to 2.8. You most likely have 2.6

  14. KMCSproductions says:

    You do The Best Tutorials Ever Thanks So Much!

  15. sonadowfangirl30869 says:

    Where do i get the “Splat” brush?

  16. Matija Colic says:

    Your tutorials are best . Thanks!

  17. xray364 says:

    Thank you. Excellent Tutorial. GIMP is so good but difficult to use. Your tutorial makes it easy. Thank you

  18. Alice Kitching says:

    That was awesome dud so going to use it

  19. jasbk says:

    your videos are so easy to understand! even a novice like me can learn. keep it up!

  20. Lorena Aguilar says:

    Awesome tut!!! I have a new design page for personal use.. especially for SL players on Facebook, but I’m also doing personalized FB covers please like and request!!! facebook(.)com/LCDesignStudio

  21. mapleAznboy says:

    when i do dispruce i don’t see the other layer

  22. michael angelo says:

    awesome man thanks

  23. xflyboy94x says:


  24. ProfXoxoTah says:

    Great tutorial…Thanks

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