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  1. wwwiop says:

    Your videos are really helpful! +1 sub

  2. Agatha Books says:

    My fly turned out to be cuter than the tutorial fly. I wonder why?

  3. John algreen-ussing says:

    Jeg lærer en utrolig masse om programmet Gimp via netop ‘tutot4you’. Den ene video efter den anden introducere værktøjerne, the tools. Thank you for all the videos I have watched.
    I’m a 65 years old blacksmith, on pension, But never too old for learning new skills.
    kindly John Algreen-Ussing, Denmark

  4. Teresa Trimm says:

    Hi!! I so love your videos! I wrote this one up on wikiHow!!! Great job!!

  5. CorneliaVanderCourt says:

    Your GIMP videos are amazing. Thank you soooo much for making them. If you can do a video on colors/coloring that would be so helpful. I find colors very confusing.

  6. jason steele says:

    you are really a great tutor voice is clear and your teaching is hands on top notch man

  7. ChozoSR388 says:

    I know how you feel. About two years ago, my computer crashed, and I lost ALL my digital art from the previous year and a half…everything.

  8. ChozoSR388 says:

    There ARE hairs around the diameter of a bug’s eyes, if you’ve never looked at an insect’s eyes before closeup.

  9. fretkillrlives says:

    I just completed this fly and I’m “gimped out”. I’m learning so much about using GIMP by watching your clear and concise tutorials. Thank you.

  10. Wayne Marshall says: have a lot of tutorials on inskape

  11. cindy Berry says:

    Your tutorials are the best I have found! I am learning so much from them. Thank you for posting them for free.

  12. Tony Clark says:

    I`ve watched a couple of your tutorials on blender and i must say you`re very good at what you do, therefore I have no doubt this tutorial will be very good. Thanks T4U keep up the good work 😉

  13. Bird lover Telfer says:


  14. Bird lover Telfer says:

    im geting through something went wrong wen u had to use the ink think to pull down the guide line and something went wrong wat to do

  15. exo teric says:

    How can I post a link to show you what I made?

  16. exo teric says:

    ack, I’m so disappointed. I was at the very end of making the fly and Gimp froze up and closed :(. Is there any way to recover the work if I didn’t save as I went?

  17. Bill Harris says:

    That was fun my go now thank you very much.

  18. Rollie welker says:

    excellent, patient & very thorough!

    as usual…

  19. Rollie welker says:

    excellent, patient & very thorough!

    as usual…

  20. McAllenRealtor says:

    Oh my! Mine looks like a cross eyed drunk bat…lol
    But it was fun because I have had this program for 2 days
    and I am getting lots of practice on layers. I used corel draw
    back in the day. yay! You did a good job!

  21. Peristilo peris says:

    Man, my fly got so ugly! LOL! I wish I had your talent for these works!

  22. Darryl Powless says:

    I take it the long tutorials get to you a little bit? I’ve noticed the pace and tone of your voice is different than in your other (shorter) GIMP tutorial videos.

  23. Dann858 says:

    How would you create trees? Just try to paint them into GIMP, or create them with the help of the effects?
    As I’m looking for a realistic tree for in my painting in GIMP 2.8

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