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  1. TheAverage(twitch)Playa says:

    Take a drink… sorry but your nsch sounds bug me

  2. DRE Saint says:

    you are the man!

    thank you

  3. J Abbey says:

    Very intelligent tutorial Have a feeling You are going to be a teacher (poor kid!)

  4. MrHaha200 says:

    How long have you been working with gimp?

  5. Count Orlok says:

    Do you have any vides in slow motion? your clicking faster than a top fuel drag car can drive in a quarter mile.

  6. Alex Jackson says:

    BAD EDITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk. that was cool!;

  7. mario marcos says:

    Wow Kid, you are gifted. I cant imagine what amounts of data your mind would have absorb 20 years from now….Powerful! If you haven’t already, you should have your parents help you start and manage your own graphic design business online.

  8. PS3GAMING557 says:

    you should never underestimate someone for there age, the fact is kids learn faster than adults so they mess around with the software and they get super good at it, take me for example i’m 11 and i’m really good at photo editing i’m not in any way better than him but i am pretty good

  9. Caswell Vanwhervin says:

    wow! so articulate! great job!

  10. LegendaryNinja says:

    Excellent job for your age!

  11. Jaimie Sharkey says:

    the SKETCH of the gimp mascot on the paper has a shadow….

  12. Jaimie Sharkey says:

    i think you should make it look like you are drawing you in those same poses.  like the one you holding a pencil.

  13. CoronaExtra210 says:

    when i do the selection and press invert, cut, none, i get a white background around my selection… what did i do wrong?

  14. KeepEarthClean, ItsNotUranus says:

    You look like someone I know

  15. stevet835 says:

    Outstanding sir

  16. geneticisolation says:

    You have been very helpful. You are a very knowledgeable young man. You explain yourself very well. Your work is very impressive, & I appreciate the tutorials you put up. Thanks again. ^_^

  17. Andriy Pufilov says:

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  18. ronibonnie says:

    I’m so impressed by your tutorial and it has been VERY helpful! Keep ’em coming!

  19. Yura Vursaba says:

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  20. Yura Kuleshiv says:

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  21. Misha Lavrenuk says:

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  22. Daniel Murphy says:

    very neat and helpful. thanks!

  23. Joe Bellomy says:

    your tutorials are nicely done. Best I’ve seen on this software. thanks.

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