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  1. DeadMansPit says:

    All spotty-faced people should follow this guide! Then we’d have less ugliness in the world! Then we could all look fake, just like our favourite celebrity! Wow!

  2. zekk0ut says:

    Was anyone else thinking of cum?

  3. cheater87 says:

    Thanks :D this helped me a lot

  4. Zupernova91 says:

    Nice tutorial. Simple and easy to follow.

  5. gypsyrose1994 says:

    hmm…i think you either hold down the ctrl or shift while selecticing. try that :)

  6. Stark Willamette says:

    I know this is an old tutorial, but how did you get the lasso tool to select more than one area at a time? Mine doesn’t do that. xD

  7. kijmooi says:

    Taxs my face is now bether

  8. Mohammed Al-Hindawi says:

    Excellent teaching video. Thanks a million.

  9. Diana Lupu says:

    really is my first time using

  10. StayFro5tii says:


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