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  1. Mandela Castaneda says:

    You basically turned her into a model, lmfao !!! BEAUTIFUL!!! JUST WISH IT WAS TEACHING INSTEAD OF SHOWING :( BECAUSE SOME OF IT I WAS LIKE “WTF!!!”

  2. David Ezeh says:

    Please kindly take it step by step and stop rushing

  3. vlad limer says:

    Search it on youtube chanel

  4. MrCuriousMaster says:

    Oh yes…my fault sry :-/ … The first Song..: is this Agarde – In the next room ? I can´t find it with google and it´s perfect for working with photoshop.

  5. Acquie Chiong says:


  6. Ahmad Abusaad says:

    Youtube Supports up to 10 hours

  7. vlad limer says:

    Look in the end of video .. they have a credits :)

  8. MrCuriousMaster says:

    Song Titles please :)

  9. Tekno says:

    nossa ! Essa ae foi photoshopada !! Tu é o cara do ps !

  10. Eva A says:

    Can you please do a step-by-step please please please!!

  11. dancea cosin says:


  12. vlad limer says:

    nope… you can do it also by your self

  13. Telson S says:

    Awsome tuturial. Did you go to school to learn all of this and if you did where?

  14. Dee Kay says:

    YouTube now supports long videos. Give it a try! Make us a present :)

  15. vlad limer says:

    sorry i can’t … its aboute 3:17H…
    its too long for youtube =

  16. Maskyni aks says:


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